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Product Review by Gen-zel on Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pads

Posted on: April 25th, 2016 by WAZILE

My experience with Jeunesse Anion Sanitry pads is impressive. Now I can say, they do work. We may have varied results but for me, their claims are true. Normally, I’ll have dysmenorrhea during my first two days of menstruation, but when I started using these pads (I’ve tried all the […]

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Anion: A Girl’s Best Friend During Quick Summer Getaways

Posted on: April 13th, 2016 by WAZILE

The sun brightly shines and the fresh provincial winds are beckoning. With 7,107 islands to explore, what’s stopping you from discovering the great outdoors? Besides, it’s not only the perfect time to explore the country’s breathtaking natural resources– they’re also amazing for your health! But Aunt Flow has come into town […]

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