January 27, 2016

Beauty Bulletin: New Feel-Good Products

Posted in The Beauty Junkee

Jeunesse Anion is one of my favorite sanitary pad brands because, I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s really effective, but the Anion strips really help make periods more bearable; it is because Anion Strips fight odor and infection causing- bacteria, reportedly has healing benefits, and has positively- charged ions that combat the negatively- charged ions in the body that cause pain during the menstrual cycle.
Jeunesse Anion’s premium range of sanitary pads make red days #PositivelyBetter with varieties that cater to your needs: choose from Ultra Thin Day, Non-Wing Regular, Winged Regular, Ultra Thin Night, Ultra Thin All-Night, and Slim Pantyliners.

Jeunesse Anion

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