October 2, 2015

Manila Standard Today Featured Jeunesse Anion

“Those days” – code for some excruciating and mind boggling monthly menstrual cramps that take over your entire day. If only we could sleep it away and wake up when it’s all over, but no, it happens when you need to work or have some important things to attend to. A pill, a beer, hell, we tried it all! While the monthly period is a reminder of every woman’s wonderful gift, it’s also one of those things that feels like a curse especially if you’re one of the many who experiences dysmenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea is the cramping pain in the lower abdomen that usually occurs on the first or second day when your period begins. During menstruation, the excessive level of hormone prostaglandin makes the uterus squeeze hard, blocking the arteries and thus, causing the pain.’

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