March 8, 2016

Move, Refuel, Recover

Posted in Inquirer – Multisport

Jeunnesse Anion welcomes their fourth year by celebrating Women’s Wellness Month

Where does your road to wellness lead you? You can’t always map out your life and then live it out to the exact detail, but you can plan ahead!

Last February 23rd, Jeunnesse Anion celebrated Women’s Wellness Month and their 4th year Anniversary by focusing on three major elements of wellness — move, refuel, and recover — at the Chi Spa, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. With inspiring women to advise us —yoga teacher Ms. Bubbles Paraiso, Philippines- and U.S.A.-registered dietitian, RND, RN, RDN Ms. Cheshire Que, and triathlete Ms. Lyllian Banzon, MD, MBA — tied together these focus points to bring out the inner confidence of the active woman.  They highlighted the areas that we should focus on to help us reach our goals with ease, not just during that special time of the month, but throughout the rest of our lives as well.


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