September 19, 2016 Featured Jeunesse Anion Launch

Having a baby changes most everything about a mother’s world, including priorities. Well, as a new mom, I’m getting there. You see, I’m not a health conscious type of person. I eat anything I want especially pork, I don’t exercise regularly, I sleep late, too much junk food, blah blah blah, so much for unhealthy lifestyle.

Until, my friends brought to my attention that I needed to take better care of myself, not only for my own being, but also for my daughter. Yes, they are right. My well-being is important to the health of those around me, especially my daughter. Now, I’m ready to embrace a lifestyle of better health and wellness. Happy wife/mom, happy life.

So when I receive invitations to events that focus on wellness, without hesitations, I will definitely say yes. I like brands, like Jeunesse Anion, that promote health and wellness.

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