November 3, 2017

Positively Better with Jeunesse Anion by HKristine

This what HKristine has to say with Jeunesse Anion…

But after trying out Jeunesse Anion’s sanitary napkin, (SERIOUSLY) I really did feel minimal pain up to none. I swear. And it’s because of the anion napkin!

Believe it or not, there are napkins that can add toxins to your body and build up unhealthy lifestyle. Anions are known to increase the general healthiness and well being of women, plus it also helps prevent discomfort during dysmenorrhea. That explains why I can actually attend my trainings even if I’m on my red day. I also love their packaging as it has that easy adhesive opening you can just peel off and close after getting a pad. Really really hygienic!

by HKristine

Read the full article here:

She even created a blog of the Positively Better. Watch THIS!

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