September 20, 2015

#PositivelyBetter Womanhood by Lainey Loves Life

If there’s one thing about me that I’m proud of, it’s my preference to spend on things that truly matter before considering to buy things that are less important. I’m not saying other women are wrong for buying things that they want; it’s their money not mine. I’m just proud to have come up with a priority list that surely takes care of my family’s future.

The first five items on my list are related to health: insurance, investment, accident or critical illness, hospitalization, death. Just in case something happens, everything’s covered. I believe prevention is better than cure so I also included in my list: healthy food, healthy products, and relaxation.

As we grow older, we tend to be more health conscious. From buying just about anything cheap or splurging on just about anything popular, we become more particular with the health benefits and harmful chemicals in products that we consume.

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