February 25, 2016

Snack smart during that time of the month with these 6 recipes

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Aside from that damnable body pain, we girls hate that bloated feeling we get during our menstrual period. Every kind of food doesn’t seem to work. What’s worse, we seem to crave all the food we’re told are bad for us (a bag of chip, anyone?). But listen up, ladies. It’s time to woman up and take control. According to Dietitian Cheshire Que, these are the ingredients you need to avoid when it’s that time of the month: refined sugars, fatty foods, caffeine (ouch!), processed foods, salty foods and, of course, dehydration. Instead, eat meals with: high fiber, complex carbohydrates, lean protein, good fats, probiotics.

Great, that information just flew over your head. Don’t worry, here’s something more helpful. In celebration of Women’s Wellness month and Jeunesse Anion’s 4th anniversary, Que and the chefs at EDSA Shangri-La have come up with recipes to “refuel your body smartly during red days.” These snacks, all easy to do, only contain ingredients that will make you feel better when you normally would want to stay in bed cursing your fate. The best part: they’re tasty.


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