Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s

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12 x 3.5 x 9 cm

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63.00 PHP

Product Description

  • Breathable bottom layer
  • Contains highly protective super-absorbent polymer for superior liquid retention
  • Special top sheet for maximum comfort and softness
  • Specially-designed back adhesive to keep pad securely in place
  • Sterilized and dirt-free layer for extra softness
  • With Anion Strip that helps to reduce bacteria, fungi, and odor
  • With side-leak guards that help prevent strike-through

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Luisa Renema Peru

I really hate being uncomfy during period days especially during the night and I have to sleep because I got work the following day. The extra long pad helped me feel safe and secure while sleeping. I dont get to worry about the uncomfy feeling and the worry of staining my sheets. I really recommend especially during your first two nights of period.

May 27, 2019
Mae Ann Delumen

My previous brand would have leaks if I would turn when sleeping and there would be a sudden gush of period. It's so uncomfortable! With Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad, it is very absorbent and even if the flow is heavy, I am surprised to see that there are no stains nor leaks when I wake up in the morning. No more wet, limited movements for me. I could sleep comfortably even during heavy nights.

May 20, 2019
Dyanna Mae Cañas

This is by far my most favorite of all the Jeunesse Anion pads. My younger sister introduced this to me. She has UTI, that’s why she personally uses this eversince she knew about Jeunesse Anion because of its health benefits. I love this of all because I get to sleep at my most comfortable whenever my red days come in. No more leaks and worries because of Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pads! My red days are turning into regular ones because of this wonder! Thanks to Jeunesse Anion for making this happen!🌸🌸🌸

May 20, 2019

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