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Product Description

  • Breathable bottom layer
  • Contains highly protective super-absorbent polymer for superior liquid retention
  • Special top sheet for maximum comfort and softness
  • Specially-designed back adhesive to keep pad securely in place
  • Sterilized and dirt-free layer for extra softness
  • With Anion Strip that helps to reduce bacteria, fungi, and odor
  • With side-leak guards that help prevent strike-through

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Christine Cloma

I tried to use their Jeunesse Ultra Day Pad, PS: This is my first time to use Jeunesse Anion products, And it came to my conclusion that, it does not give any itchiness ‘over there’ LOLOL and it makes me more comfortable movements like I can do activities without any worries (running, kiat kiat) which I thought that na meron pala akong napkin. Yung feeling na parang walang menstruation/napkin lang unlike to usual sanitary napkin na ma fefeel mo sila so it’s so uncomfortable to move around.

April 8, 2019
Louisa Mercado

Being in my late 30's my period is not as heavy as it once was, so I use the Ultra Day Pad. My napkin requirements are that they are cotton and have wings but this pad brings much more to the table.

April 8, 2019
Pehpot Pineda

The ultra day pad is only 10 pesos per napkin. Jeunesse Anion All Night Pad 32cm is only 13.50 per pad. ANG MURA!!! And I am saying this with pain reliever costs in mind. Kase pag first day ko, I usually take 2-3 pain relievers. That’s around 30 pesos each.. halos 100 pesos per day sa gamot pa lang, wala pa ang napkin. Practical di ba?

April 8, 2019

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