July 24, 2015

Breakfast: Making Mornings Count


Monday morning: After seven consecutive snoozes, uncountable stretches, and a half-awake glance at your clock which already reads 6:35AM, you finally decide to wake up and ninja-run your way to the bathroom and take a quick shower with the hopes of still making it to your first class. With the face of your terror teacher stuck on your mind like a lit billboard, you of course, decide to skip the full spread of breakfast sprinkled with mom’s love on the table and rush your way to school.

Just like that, you missed the most important and energy-boosting meal of the day—breakfast.
This isn’t a rare scenario. In fact, it happens so often that most regard having breakfast as the more unfamiliar habit, especially in a world where people think that they can make up for the missed morning nutrients during brunch, or worse, see leaving breakfast out as a way to shred extra pounds. But, a wake-up call: Studies by doctors, nutritionists, and researchers show that one of the keys to losing weight is actually having a proper meal in the morning. Yes, after you take a shower and two hours before noontime.

A proper breakfast refills the human body’s energy tank, which needs to be maintained to carry out daily activities. Now, you might think that grabbing a blueberry bagel with cream cheese to match your low-fat, decaffeinated latte might be a good choice for a morning meal, but fares like this come with high-energy density—meaning, tons of calories are packed in every bite. For quick breakfast snacks, your better bets must be high in fibre and low in energy density which come in the form of strawberries, walnuts, oatmeal, or even all of these combined.

Truly, healthy food choices for our morning plates comprise one of the most important decisions that we make in a day. Aside from not carrying calories and sugar which our bodies DO NOT need, a hale and hearty breakfast can actually trigger the extra production of enzymes required to metabolize unwanted fats. The result? Less calories, less sugar, and less fats, which mean bidding goodbye to more pounds! Of course, these results will only delight you when you couple breakfasts with healthy meals for the rest of the day, proper exercise, and the right amount of sleep.

So, the next time you decide to delay your morning routine for five extra minutes tucked between the sheets, think again. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss that bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, glass of warm milk, and that slice of ripe mango that will surely make your day count.

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