March 1, 2017

David Salon Triathlete Team Shares Precious Tips

david salon triathlete team, jeunesse anion brand ambassadors

For the Women’s Wellness Month, Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners shares these precious tips inspired by the country’s most-admired women tri-athlete group David Salon Triathlete Team. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, laid-back athlete, or simply aims to work out for wellness. Rekindle your motivation and help you be that person thru this six secret habits .


1. They get quality sleep.

Good, quality sleep and its countless health benefits are often taken for granted, and we couldn’t agree more. “When we’re sleep deprived, the level of stress hormone cortisol shoots up that leads to weight gain,”. Confirms Philippine-US registered dietitian-nutritionist Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RDN. These women prioritize quality rest every single night and understand that everything else can wait in the morning. Just like you’re committed to yoga or running, it’s about committing to the right amount of rest you need.

2. They don’t sweat the small stuff.

Joyful and vibrant women keep the happy vibe alive by making sure every interaction they have is sincerely friendly. If a boss snapped at you in a meeting or a bad situation is brewing, they need not to spend the rest of the day moping around. And while it takes a village to raise a fine woman, she also shies away from toxic and harsh people that dwindles her energy. It also helps she don’t freak out on tensed situations and let stress show on her face, so she looks more calm, relaxed and pleasing.

3. The triathlete team exercise.

In the case of the Philippines’ first female multi-sport David Salon Triathlete Team, they believe in the power of living an active lifestyle simply because this sacred ritual keeps their sanity and wellness in check. “There’s no excuse not to exercise, you need to be healthy for any challenge or opportunity that comes your way”. Says tri-athlete and human resources practitioner for Hewlett Packard Philippines Nina Dacanay.

4. They cook healthy food and bring packed meals whether at work or play.

Some things are better done homemade and any meal that comes from their own kitchen keeps them sharp, fueled, and satisfied with life. But if you find yourself at a loss in this area, Cheshire shares these pantry staples to help you get started: Whole grains, natural flavorings like herbs, frozen and fresh produce, lean protein, eggs, honey, olive and canola oils, low-fat dairy or non-dairy milk, homemade soup stock, and dark chocolate. “Make fresh and whole foods readily available at home. Frequent fast food diet not only will make you sluggish and irritable, furthermore ranks high on sugar, calories, and fat”, she adds.

5. They have hobbies and not afraid to try new things.

So they’re current, well versed, and can pretty much talk about anything with ease. Much more, from cooking, sports, to flower arrangement, these ladies have something they enjoy outside school or work.  With Team David Salon, the spirit of love and support runs deep in the group that makes work-life balance possible. “We’re not only teammates, we consider each other as sisters beyond the podium or finish line. It helps almost everytime us to keep up with every area of our life. Plus, we recognize each other’s needs and objectives on a particular season. Whether it’s training for an Iron Man triathlon, mountain running, or perhaps caring for a newborn child. Nina affirms that “whatever it is, we make sure no one is running herself into the ground to as a result “

6. They take care of themselves.

They don’t put off their regular check up schedule, aware of the importance of stress management even visits to OB-GYN. For Jeunesse Anion napkins and liners’ OB-GYN Doctor Faith Suluen, her advice is. “Never ignore vaginal discharge, bleeding, itchiness, odor, abdominal pain, urinary and bowel changes. Likewise, these can save women from bigger health problems.”


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We now understand Women’s Wellness Month is all about treating yourself better and requires an effort on your part. And when it comes to dealing with your monthly period, Jeunesse Anion sanitary napkins and liners’ foolproof features and benefits is everything you need in life: high-quality non-woven material that has quick-absorbing qualities, superior liquid retention that keeps you leak-free, and built with anion chip that helps to reduce odor, bacteria, and discomforts like dysmenorrhea and cramps like no other.  All these unique features and benefits of Jeunesse Anion pads, gives you reason to love your being a woman even on heaviest of days.

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