June 29, 2017

Five Ways to Choose Your Ob-Gyn

Five ways to choose ob-gyn, a special connection between you and your obstetrician-gynecologist is important as they have a big impact in your health & wellness.

a consultation session between ob-gyn and patient

There’s an unspoken special kind of bond between a gynecologist and a patient. You see, besides having an access to the most intimate part of the  body, an obstetrician-gynecologist plays a big role in your wellness– from keeping your reproductive system at the pink of its health, to guiding you through every stage of pregnancy, down to delivering a new member of the family. So don’t take chances when you’re looking for Dr. Right. That’s why  Jeunesse Anion’s Dr. Faith Suluen, ob-gyn tackles these 5 practical checklists to consider. Read on and find out here:

Family and Friends Referrals.

The first step when you’re in search for the right doctor is to ask for referrals from your family and friends. Besides, there’s no better way of telling what a “good” doctor is than getting opinions of people you trust  so you determine the perfect fit for your personality.


The Right Clinic.

When you’re craving for something, you make sure you pick the highest rated restaurant or at least the one that’s accessible for you to dine in.Same goes if you choose a doctor, you have to take into consideration location as well as its ob-gyn clinic hours. Especially if you’re pregnant, hospital runs become part of your routine, so be sure that drive time, transportation options and parking space are conducive for you.


Know Their Expertise.

Your life stage is a vital factor when you choose an ob-gyn, that’s why you should hire a doctor that’s an expert in your area of concern. Knowing her credentials, years of practice, educational background, and a patient relationship will help you decide. Dr. Faith also advises considering these shortlisted but important questions: Does she take the time to explain things clearly and completely? Is she familiar with most recent industry changes? Does she take time to upgrade and update her knowledge and skills? These vital qualifications will help to ensure your satisfaction!


Shared Values.

When it comes to choosing a health provider, it’s important to consult someone who respects your decisions and is passionate about achieving your health goals. Discussing personal information, pregnancy history, and other intimate details is like sharing your secrets. A doctor whom you can talk to with ease and sincerely cares about your well-being is a keeper.


Your Comfort and Peace of Mind.

You want to be able to disclose confidential matters to someone you can trust. Dr. Faith says, “Besides medical background, a good ob-gyn should also have good communication skills because they act as a counselor or a confidante to their patients most of the time.” Additionally, these three R’s should serve as your guide when trimming down your choices: reliable, responsible and reputable.


Your ob-gyn is one of the most important health care partners in life. While it is not easy to search for one,  it’s surely worth all the effort and research.  Never feel sorry for having high standards because choosing whose hands you’ll trust your life with is a basic right. Additionally, remember that self-care includes choosing the right product for your intimate part, like when you’re choosing the perfect ob-gyn. So during your time of the month, let Jeunesse Anion take charge of your ultimate pampering and protection.  It’s highly-absorbent pads will keep your period woes at bay. It comes with five variants to address your all types of flow. Uniquely designed with a special anion strip that possesses chockful of benefits from eliminating unwanted odors, symptoms of cramps to dysmenorrhea, your time of the month will never have to be your “scariest time” of the month!

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