July 24, 2015

Four Ways to Battle PMS Blues

post-tips-1When was the last time you got high with happiness over the arrival of your period? I’m guessing—NEVER. For a world where girls can lose it on a waiter when he delivers her large platter of pasta five minutes late or become extra cranky for being trapped with that sticky feeling for seven days, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a monthly event dreaded by many the world over.

But, here’s the good news: You don’t have to be weighed down each time your cycle marks its coming. Beat the bloating, cravings, and mood swings, and get to turn your fury meter a notch lower with a couple of helpful PMS pointers:

Hug those hormones

Crankiness may be the #1 indicator of PMS knocking at your door. Whenever you move through your monthly cycle, your ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone double time. A week before your red days, these hormones reach their peak and then suddenly drop—forming the recipe for instant moodiness. The easiest and most effective temper hero? Treating yourself! Get those shoes that you’ve been coveting for months, go on a quick day trip out of town, or grab a pint of ice cream. You deserve little bouts of comfort whenever your hormones get you down.

Follow your daily fix

Yes, this means three meals, ten glasses of water, and eight hours of sleep a day. Steer clear of late nights out or skipping snacks during PMS week. For one, these bad habits can lower the glucose that your brain needs for energy. Sluggishness, irritability, and difficulty in concentrating kick in the fastest when your blood sugar levels get too little.

Stretch It Out

While it’s true that PMS can make your bed 10x cozier, your body will thank you for allotting extra effort for going out and staying active. Classes such as pilates or yoga will give you the exercise you need with a dash of endorphins to keep your body in tip-top shape and make you go through PMS week with a smile on your face.

Cater to the Caretaker

When everything about PMS just really ticks you off, it’s helpful to remind yourself why it’s there and good for you in the first place. Think of your cycle as your body’s personal housekeeper—tidying up once a month to release bacteria from your reproductive system and rid your system of excess iron. Getting your period means getting to lead a healthy life. Roll with the punches and celebrate!

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