July 28, 2015

School Emergency: Dealing with Menstrual Stain

1Imagine the terror of getting your clean and newly-pressed uniform stained by an unforeseen period. Worse, you can’t go home to change because it’s just 9am and you know you still have 7 hours, 5 classes, and 2 exams to attend to. How are you going to deal with this kind of scenario?

Keeping our cool in times like this is easier said than done, but fussing so much over our red days would just further the stress we feel. This is why foresight is essential to ditching these period-related issues in public. We all know that it’s a bit of a hassle to bring an extra uniform to class at all times. Hence, it would be much better to keep track of your period by simply marking your calendar ahead of time. Sure, your body’s natural period indicators will caution you for the coming of your red days, but getting swamped with academic and extra-curricular projects, tend to make you less sensitive of these signs. So, just make sure to have that special calendar in your room (place it in a corner where you can always see it) or a pocket calendar which you can keep in your purse. Those tiny ticks will tell you when to bring pads and extra underwear, and will also keep you extra cautious and updated with the schedule of your flow.

On the other hand, if the situation really gets out of hand, you can always count on your very own handkerchief, and the clean water and handy soap in the girls’ room. In removing the stain, you have to first damp a small portion of the cloth then rub it into the mark in your uniform. Then once the blot is soaked, rub on the soap generously. You can also use the wet part of the cloth to further rub the stain. Rinse the part once the stain recedes. Hydrogen peroxide from the school clinic also does wonders for washing out those menstrual marks.

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