May 12, 2018

Six Ways to Kick Start Your Fitness Routine According to Celebrity Tri-Athlete Carlene Aguilar-Ocampo

Tri-athlete mom Carlene Aguilar-Ocampo finishes Ironman 70.3 | fitness routine

Fit and fab mom Carlene Aguilar-Ocampo is the newest Jeunesse Anion Pads Ambassador

We can describe moms in many ways—hard working, hectic, hurried.

But how about healthy? Living a balanced life these days is  impossible especially for mom who wear many hats on a daily basis.

We’ve sought the help of celebrity tri-athlete Carlene Aguilar-Ocampo, for her tried and tested tips on how a hands-on mom like her, remains rock-solid while juggling with family, work, and other commitments.

1. Make it a family affair.

My three boys and I love spending time together in action. Not only we eat out, watch movies together, or go to the mall, we enjoy being on the move as well. Activities like wall climbing, swimming, and fun runs are just some of the things we love to do as a family!” said Carlene. “This way, we can take their eyes off their gadgets and look forward to doing engaging activities that make us closer than ever, “she added.

2. Challenge yourself.

We’re not saying that intimidation is just in your head, the struggle is real ladies! But for Carlene, a larger than life transformation is possible when you push yourself harder and stronger. “I started the sports in 2016 with losing weight as the ultimate reason in mind. I joined an aquathlon and unexpectedly bagged the 3rd And as they say, the rest is history!” she quipped. “My point is that, it’s never too late to achieve your dreams in life as long as you’re ready to tackle them with determination.” Truly, Carlene proves that mastering the elusive work-life balance can be tricky, but getting out of our comfort zone is one of the secrets to ensure we’re always on top of our game!

3. Set a goal and stick to it.

Carlene’s triathlon career was marked by small beginnings with getting that foot out of the door as the first step. And the truth is, whether in sports or other things in life, not all situations or people will be on our side. “Obstacles are fact of life, but if we focus on what we’re not or what we can’t do, we wouldn’t have the time, energy, and even the motivation to move towards our goal. Where do you want to go? What you should start now or stop doing? Do you want to think why you don’t have time to get moving or are you going to shift your focus on how you can get up 30 minutes early so you can set yourself towards your goal? What is it worth to you?”, said Carlene.

4. Find something that motivates you.

According to Carlene, “There was a time that my weight went on a plateau and I wanted to shed those extra pounds. But then, hitting the gym wasn’t for me, because I’m the type who wants to do something differently every day. Triathlon brings out the best in me and I’m pretty jazzed about the challenge of becoming better every race.”  And for Carlene, it doesn’t also hurt that she has got three fun-loving kids who keep her motivated. “I’ve got three boys—my eldest Calix who’s ten, followed by Marcus who’s six, and my youngest Hunter, now three. I want to be able to keep up with their strength and energy year after year, so getting fit and healthy is an absolute must to make it happen for me.”

Carlene with husband Yo Ocampo, and three kids (L-R) Hunter, Marcus, and Calix

5. Get-up-and-go.

Not a morning person? Carlene shares some tips how you can (happily) get up at the crack of dawn, “While everyone requires a different amount of sleep, I’ve discovered that being a morning person starts at night, in your bedroom. Set boundaries with work, social media, other areas of your life that may cause restlessness, and have a consistent bed time. It’s a discipline with tons of benefits—more time to prepare for the day, increased productivity, and better performance at work.” Does she think it has better advantage than working out at night? “Absolutely, exercise is an instant energy boost and a great way for the body to release the happy hormones, endorphins. Run, swim, bike, yoga, or gym is a sure fire way to get pumped for the day ahead!

6. Love yourself.

Loving yourself in a balanced way won’t only be beneficial for yourself but for people around you.  Embrace who you are and how God created you to be so you can become an emotionally healthy person. Carlene adds, “Besides, if you won’t take care of yourself, who else will? Looking feeling better is just the beginning, I know that my choice of keeping myself in excellent shape allows me to be an effective conduit of love and strength for other people.”

There are actually tons of doable and simple little things to start your wellness routine off right. And for active and athletic Carlene, she doesn’t undermine the importance of sanitary pad that provides an all around protection when that time of the month rolls around. “I’m partial to Jeunesse Anion that provides a reprieve from odour, stain, and leaks. Most importantly, it stays where it should be. In fact, my daily must-have is the panty liners to keep me fresh and worry-free. All variants, especially with wings are also consistently reliable for my day-to-day grind whether at work, home or on the run!”

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